Our darkTunes Youtube channel just reached the 70.000 subscribers! We are the N°2 worldwide biggest metal & gothic label channel on Youtube!

Dear supporters, bands & friends, thank you from the depth of our hearts! And for those who still didn't subscribe, darkTunes and our bands would be really pleased to tell you welcome to the family!


And of course, a special thank you goes to our lovely bands which make amazing music videos: Omnimar, Dust In Mind, Smash Hit Combo, SynthAttack, Fallcie, Third Realm, BlackbookK, Extize, Apryl, Chabtan, Sickret, Basszilla, Dark Side Eons, The Black Russian's, Antibody, Binary Division, Amore Ad Lunam, Auger, Darkcell, Boars, CattaC, Fourth Circle, Logical Terror, The Silverblack, The Black Capes, Cernunnos, Moonlight Asylum, Suppressor, Electro Fear, DJversion666, Breed Machine, T3rr0r 3rr0r, Metallspürhunde, Chemical Sweet Kid, Lolita KompleX...


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