OMNIMAR - Out Of My Life (ZARDONIC Remix)

The queen of darkpop teamed up with the king of Drum & Bass Metal ZARDONIC to revisit OMNIMAR's biggest hit "Out Of My Life".

Get ready to enter (again) an epic journey full of mysticism and fantasy!



Ladies & Gentlemen, we're proud to present you another masterpiece called "Jessie" and made by HER OWN WORLD.

Enjoy this wonderful industrial metal ballade!


TOAL - Stigmata


Dear friends, Get ready for goosebumps for your soul because TOAL are back with a new single called "Stigmata". This song is teasing their upcoming album which will have the same name...

Enjoy this mystical journey!

EXTIZE - MonStars

Exactly 1 month after the release of their new concept album "MonStars", EXTIZE drops another music video 

Get ready for a walk in the forest, let's go to coffin rock and meet the Blair witch.

This song is taken from the album "MonStars" which is available now as digipak, audio cassette, collector box, collector bundle, download and stream:

FREAKY MIND - Where is my Mind?

FREAKY MIND are back with a new secret weapon in the Dark Electro, Industrial and EBM genres! Their new album is also called "Freaky Mind" (release on November 25th.) and "Where is my mind?" is the third single of it.

Confident, dark, energetic and hitting the nerves of a whole generation: this dark electro duo convince the audience with fat beats, cutting synths and powerful vocal parts and creates a unique soundtrack that will make everybody stomp and dance!

Get this song and preorder the new album on 

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