BINARY DIVISION - 10th Anniversary: Demos & Rarities

It's time to celebrate the 10 years of the cyber industrial project BINARY DIVISION from Germany!

Enjoy this massive release made from 49 exclusive demos, lives and remixed songs!

darkTunes Music Group


It's the perfect day to support our artists and us as independent label with making yourself a gift, music!

Bandcamp are supporting the bands (again)! Today, they don't take any fee on the music sales to support the artists and labels. So if you want some music from our bands, and if you want to support them more than usual, go on Bandcamp today 😉

You will find all the discographies of our bands on Bandcamp: Aevum, AGNIS, Amore Ad Lunam, ASHES'N'ANDROID, Basscalate, Basszilla, Binary Division, BLACKBOOK, CattaC, CHABTAN, CZARINA, Dance My Darling, Darkcell, Dust In Mind, EXTIZE, Fallcie, Fourth Circle, FREAKY MIND, Freak Injection, HER OWN WORLD, LOGICAL TERROR, Morgenstern, Moyra, Ocean Dark, Octo Crura, Omnimar, SICKRET, Smash Hit Combo, SynthAttack, T3RR0R 3RR0R, The Silverblack, TOAL, XORDIA, White Ritual, Antibody, BREED MACHINE, Cernunnos, DJversion666, Suppressor, Tunz Tunz and more!


C Z A R I N A - Arcana

⚡C Z A R I N A - The Wonderland Performance ⚡

A modern dreampop fairytale between the waves!

This live performance was filmed on the seaside cliffs of Costa Da Morte in Galicia, Spain. CZARINA performs songs from her latest record, Arcana against the epic backdrop and wondrous natural beauty of her home.

FREAKY MIND - Freaky Mind

FREAKY MIND are back with a new secret weapon in the Dark Electro, Industrial and EBM genres! Their new album is also called "Freaky Mind" is OUT NOW!

Confident, dark, energetic and hitting the nerves of a whole generation: this dark electro duo convince the audience with fat beats, cutting synths and powerful vocal parts and creates a unique soundtrack that will make everybody stomp and dance!

Get it now on 

EXTIZE - MonStars

Exactly 2 months after the release of their new concept album "MonStars", EXTIZE drops another music video 

This song is a tribute to one of the most iconic characters: Captain Spaulding of ROB ZOMBIE's movie "House of 1000 Corpses".

This song is taken from the album "MonStars" which is available now as digipak, audio cassette, collector box, collector bundle, download and stream:

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