CIMA MUTA - Hekate

CIMA MUTA is back with a new single and video called "Hekate" taken from his upcoming album "Purple Demon".

CIMA MUTA's new album is a haunting and experimental masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of the witch house genre. With ethereal synths, and pulsating beats, this album is guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Don't miss out on this dark and atmospheric journey into the unknown. Listen to "Purple Demon" on March 17th and let it cast its spell on you.

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New single taken from the upcoming remix album "DARKPOP REMIXES" (release on May 26th. 2023) OUT NOW!

When dark elegance meets mysticism and numbs all your senses, you can be sure that Omnimar created something special again! The album 'DARKPOP' which was released in 2021 and which got several international chart entries, combines beauty and chaos in a very unique way. All 13 songs of this masterpiece have been now remixed by several alternative scene cult bands. You’ll find wonderful remixes made by the synthpop and darkwave icons ROTERSAND, FROZEN PLASMA, ASSEMBLAGE 23, IMPERATIVE REACTION, A LIFE DIVIDED and RROYCE but also pulse driving remixes made by the electro industrial stars EXTIZE, LAZERPUNK, RUINED CONFLICT, ESA, ES23 and more.

Get ready to enter (again) an epic journey full of mysticism and fantasy!






🎉 The darkTunes Music Group label crew wishes you all a happy new year 🤘

⭐ 2022 was simply unbelievable:
👉 we released 42 singles, 15 Albums, 4 EPs and 146 videos!
👉 3 new artists joined the family
👉 2 of our very first bands (OMNIMAR and SYNTHATTACK) signed again with us
👉 Julia joined the label team as social media manager
👉 we had several international charts entries
👉 despite the hard times many of our bands went on Europe and Germany tours and also played many clubs and festival shows
👉 several physical releases were sold out within a few months after releases
👉 we reached new all time highs in streaming and download
👉 last but not least, our label boss "Raph" could go one week in holidays
🎤 Raph:
"The little home for goth, metal and alternative bands I started to build in 2013 is getting bigger and I am so thankful and proud of each artist, DJ, author, colleague, family member, friend, supporter, influencer, fan, business partner and music lover who brought their brick again this year to help us to make our cosy hut turn into sweet house in Tim Burton style. There is still a long long way to go on this probably endless path but I'm over motivated to reach the next step and to build a small dark castle for our ultra talented bands to celebrate the alternative music with all of you: the music lovers!"
🎹 Dear bands, thank you for your hard work and the wonderful feelings you share with the world!
💪 Dear partners, thank you for helping us to spread the music and videos of our talents.
🌟 Dear fans and supporters, thank you for being the heart of these scene and for making it possible for us to follow our dreams.
❤️ Let's continue to keep these scenes alive all together, let's keep going forward hand in hand and make the best out of the upcoming year!
CHABTAN - Compelle Intrare

Like a thunderstorm, conjured up by an angry Aztec war god, the second album "Compelle Intrare" by CHABTAN thunders up. Noisy guitars and plenty of double bass meet panpipes and Mesoamerican percussion on the third album of the French Maya-Metal combo.

This rumbling mix of musical influences are combined to an unexpectedly impulsive sound carpet. CHABTAN adds a new exciting facet to the metal genre with this fiery mix of sounds. In doing so, CHABTAN unleash a true elemental force, as though bands like DARK TRANQUILLITY, AMON AMARTH, IN FLAMES, MESHUGGAH and SCAR SYMMETRY have been swallowed by a sinister jungle, and hammer their instruments out of its depths from then on.

Since 2011, Metalheads from Paris celebrate their sound and the band have already been on tour with heavyweights like NILE and SUFFOCATION. On "Compelle Intrare", CHABTAN celebrate their crunching and uncompromising sound over eleven tracks.

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Dear friends, what a year!

Thank you for the support you gave to our bands and to the label this year again! Here are 2 recap videos (electro and metal) of our releases of 2022, enjoy this retrospective of our roster and (re)discover all these fantastic songs and albums released in 2022 of our artists!

Latest Metal Releases

Latest Gothic Releases