SMASH HIT COMBO - Contre Courant

After their latest successful album "L33T" which gave a big high kick to the nu metal genre, after their many tours in France, Japan, Russia and Canada, as well as many shows with bands like LIMP BIZKIT, GOJIRA , WALLS OF JERICHO, (Hed) PE, HACKTIVIST or MASS HYSTERIA, SMASH HIT COMBO are coming back with this uncompromising single and are determined to beat all the end bosses to place their new satanic source code at the top of the international nu metal page.

"Contre Courant" is dark, loud and is going to immerse you in an occult world where heavy guitar riffs are the law! Turn the volume up and enjoy the journey:

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We are very excited to present you the debut album "Razors Edge" of our latest signing ASHES'N'ANDROID!

"Razors Edge" is not an album that remains superficial. It goes deep into the soul, touches emotional subjects and topics of today's society. This album focuses on the most sensitive issues and tells its stories from another point of view.

With a retrospective character the songs are based on ideas and autobiographical input of producer Jörn. That’s how the album tells the story of its creator before the formation of ASHES’N’ANDROID. This might also be the reason for the wide range of genres from pop to EBM style.

A sound and feeling of real hardware instruments was an important part of this album, Razors Edge is full of analog bass and drums. The results are catchy melodies and beats that vary from stomping and hard to slow and intense. Sweeping pads, rich choirs and the driving basses complete the picture.

"Razors Edge" cannot be pigeonholed, it stands out and makes the listener curious for more to come.


You can get this great album as CD, download or stream here:

DUST IN MIND - A New World

DUST IN MIND are back with the music video "A New World"! This video is taken from their latest album "From Ashes To Flames" and closes this opus.

The band is actually working on their new album which will be released this year, so enjoy this last music video of their last album and be ready for new kickass stuff this year 🤘

Lay back, turn the volume up and enjoy!

And of course don't forget to listen to full album "From Ashes To Flames" here:


Dear female fronted metal fans, it's going to be loud and bloody, the new FALLCIE album is coming!

Two years after the first album "Born Again", the Russian female fronted metal band FALLCIE followed up with their second long player "Bad Blood". Noisy and violent, one banger after another pounds out of the speakers on "Bad Blood". On 10 songs, FALLCIE take the listener on a dark journey between good and evil. Angry growls combined with crystal clear vocals by frontwoman Valentina meeting pounding double bass drums with driving and melodic guitar riffs.

FALLCIE stand for ruthless female fronted metal, in the spirit of acts like JINJER and INFECTED RAIN. After FALLCIE attracted attention in 2017 with their first single "Rock'n'Rolla", the five russian riots from Saint Petersburg moved around the world to bring their brute sound to the people. So FALLCIE were on tour with NILE and HATE ETERNAL, were support for SUMO CYCO and have already completed 5 headliner tours through Europe. For the new album "Bad Blood" FALLCIE are on Europe tour with VADER in March 2020.

"Bad Blood" will be released on March 6, 2020, so be quick and get you collector bundle with limited shirt and digibook now exclusively on our shop DARKMERCH:

Or preorder the digital album on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay or Bandcamp:

THIRD REALM - The Art Of Despair


This song is taken from the new album "The Art Of Despair"

Dear lovers of the night and darkwave fans, the new THIRD REALM album will bring you in a wonderful world of darkness. If you like bands such as MARILYN MANSON, PROJECT PITCHFORK, VNV NATION, BLUTENGEL and AND ONE, you should definitely listen to "The Art Of Despair" by THIRD REALM. Here is partly presented catchy, well produced and inspiring composed darkpop album, which is made for the clubbers, as well as for the melancholic darkwavers! Get it now:

 Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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