• CHABTAN - Nine Levels
    CHABTAN - Nine Levels

    The ultimative Mayan Metal album!

    Release on April 20th. as digipak, download and streaming. Get it here:

  • AUGER - The Awakening
    AUGER - The Awakening

    Smart Dark Wave from UK!

    Between Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, Diary of Dreams and Lord of the Lost...

    Debut album release on April 6th. 2018, get it as limited digipak, download or streaming here:

  • Way Of Changes - Reflections
    Way Of Changes - Reflections

    The debut album of the new metalcore sensation from Switzerland!

    Release on February 16th. 2018, get it here:

  • The Battle Of Metal Vol.5
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.5

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

    Release on January 12th. 2018, get it here:

  • SynthAttack - Harsh is Back
    SynthAttack - Harsh is Back

    The long awaited new album of Germany’s loudest aggrotech duo!

    Get it here:

  • Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4
    Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4

    60 Bands, 4,5 hours music, all gothic genres!

EXTIZE - GOTHBUSTERS (Free download)


Our French-German electro rednecks from EXTIZE want to make you a special present for Halloween, they just released their new FREE DOWNLOAD single "Gothbusters" and it's video clip!

This song is a cover of the "Ghostbusters" movie theme, but with the techno industrial and special humor of EXTIZE... You will see, you'll recognize some musician icons from the goth scene, like BLUTENGEL, HIM, AND ONE, MONO INC., DIARY OF DREAMS, LORD OF THE LOST or LACRIMOSA in the video... Enjoy and share!

PS: You can download this song for free on:


Be ready for excess and luxury, the new video of our French industrial rocker is here!

The song "Never Enough" is taken from the new Chemical Sweet Kid album "Addicted To Addiction"

Enjoy the show!

THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

Another new video of THE AUTIST is out now! We're proud to present you this amazing featuring with the metal godnesses Polina Psychea and Dragica Maletic.

This song is taken from their last album "The Coldest Sun". 

Turn the volume up and enjoy!

PS: Get their new album as download or streaming:


KAIZER - Lebenszeitverschwender


We are proud to present you the new video clip "Ganz weit weg" of KAIZER. This song is taken from their debut album "Lebenszeitverschwender" which is out now.

The Berlin five-piece thereby spectacularly succeed in breathing an expressive, authentic and individual nuance into every single number, which lends their debut work ‘Lebenszeitverschwender’ powerful dynamics and an exciting impetus. There are no limits to the delicate fine-tuning at work. So KAIZER show something of their dreamy, romantic side, yet also play with a coquettish, avant-garde attitude, emitting a casual nonchalance, before then digging deep under the surface and bringing forth emotions stamped with pain, sorrow, loss, fear, devotion, hope and longing. It’s this virtuoso range that enables KAIZER to stand out from the crowd: turbulent, rotating, unpredictable, poetic, diverse and as wonderful as life itself. Imperially good!

Preorder this album as CD or download now, if you preorder it as download on amazon or itunes you will get the song "Wenn die Sonne untergeht" as instant gratification track:

THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

The new playthrough video of THE AUTIST is out now! "Stardust" featuring Emidio Ramos.

This song is taken from their last album "The Coldest Sun". 

Turn the volume up and enjoy!

PS: Get their new album as download or streaming:


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